How to Have a Food Garden For Cheap

Growing your own garden can save you money and even relieve stress. It is a very giving hobby. Unfortunately, many cannot do gardening in their backyard. Add to that, many thought it is too expensive to keep a garden and that they have to buy herb and vegetables often.

Here are some tips to keep a garden without robbing a bank.


The land is the most essential part of gardening. However, not everyone has a backyard. If you know someone who has a backyard or a piece of land that they are not using, you can ask permission to have a vegetable garden there. If they are willing to let you plant in their land then you can give them part of the produce.

Good Soil

Some places have rich soils while others are not as blessed. You can make your own compose to make a soil healthier. Simply put your vegetable and fruit scraps in a bin or bucket with a lid. Let it decompose into rich organic matter through a bit of moisture, gentle heat of the warm day and a few scoops of good soil. You can even use the egg shells and even coffee grains.

Basic Tools

You will usually use a small handheld shovel. Unless you have a big land, a small shovel will do. If you have a couple of vegetable beds, you should use a hoe.


Fruits and vegetables in the stores usually hybridized. The seeds are sterile and will not be as useful for your garden. But certain plants from a grocery will still grow such as the potatoes and lettuce. You can also buy seeds from various stores.

Gardening Clubs

Join various gardening clubs to know tips and stores with cheaper seed, seedlings and tools. You can also stop at a local gardening store and personally get some tips.

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