What Payday Loan Frauds Should I Carefully Watch Out For

Payday loans are becoming a lucrative business especially in places where the workforce is rising and cities are performing well economically. Payday loans provide and offer short-term cash to borrowers who can use it for medical emergencies, time-sensitive purchases, or even urgent expenses such as household and auto repairs, utilities, etc.

But along with a booming business comes with a bad side. There are people and businesses who take advantage of the booming industry and defraud people for their money. It is a bit challenging to eliminate these fraudsters completely. Knowing and being aware of their scams can help you eliminate the growing modus and keep legitimate and licensed lenders.

  1. Payday loan Kiting

This payday loan fraud is often done by the borrower against two or several lenders. Because payday loans do not involve credit scoring and review, a lender may simultaneously take on two loans from a different lender. The second loan being higher in amount is then used to pay the first lender where the balance is pocketed by the borrower. The cycle continues until the loan becomes high and the borrower suddenly disappears.

  1. Information theft

One of the payday loans fraud that is rampant nowadays is information theft. A payday lender through online or a representative request prospective borrowers’ information by filling out the application form. From this point, the posing lender uses the acquired information to make other loans from legit banks and financial institution. One great way to deter from this fraudulent activity is making sure that the lender has an existing physical address which you can visit to fill out an application form.

  1. Hidden fees and high interest

Payday loans are quite straightforward and don’t really require any complication in the loan agreement. It is the kind of loan where the i-give-you-money-and-you-pay-next-month type of loan. Of course with added interest rates. But some lenders, especially those who have not accredited overcharge interest rates and apply high fees. This is the reason why borrowers often end up paying too much for a payday loan. Payday loans are effective means of managing your expenditures if you scrutinize the legitimacy of the lender you approach.

How to Have a Food Garden For Cheap

Growing your own garden can save you money and even relieve stress. It is a very giving hobby. Unfortunately, many cannot do gardening in their backyard. Add to that, many thought it is too expensive to keep a garden and that they have to buy herb and vegetables often.

Here are some tips to keep a garden without robbing a bank.


The land is the most essential part of gardening. However, not everyone has a backyard. If you know someone who has a backyard or a piece of land that they are not using, you can ask permission to have a vegetable garden there. If they are willing to let you plant in their land then you can give them part of the produce.

Good Soil

Some places have rich soils while others are not as blessed. You can make your own compose to make a soil healthier. Simply put your vegetable and fruit scraps in a bin or bucket with a lid. Let it decompose into rich organic matter through a bit of moisture, gentle heat of the warm day and a few scoops of good soil. You can even use the egg shells and even coffee grains.

Basic Tools

You will usually use a small handheld shovel. Unless you have a big land, a small shovel will do. If you have a couple of vegetable beds, you should use a hoe.


Fruits and vegetables in the stores usually hybridized. The seeds are sterile and will not be as useful for your garden. But certain plants from a grocery will still grow such as the potatoes and lettuce. You can also buy seeds from various stores.

Gardening Clubs

Join various gardening clubs to know tips and stores with cheaper seed, seedlings and tools. You can also stop at a local gardening store and personally get some tips.

5 Secrets to Thrift Shopping Like a Pro

Piles, racks, and stacks of clothes take time to sort out. For others, they get excited by the haul as if it is time to open their Christmas gifts. For others, it seems like a nightmare trying to figure out which item to buy.

There are a lot of different reasons why people shop. Some to feed their shopping urge, others want to get an outfit needed for a certain occasion, while others want to upgrade their style without spending much. If you are the latter type, then here are some tips for you.


The leather is timeless and vintage. It never goes out of style. Black jackets and vests will always be a staple outfit but do not be afraid to try other shapes or colors of leather.


Denim is one of those magical materials that are neutral and will look good in almost any other outfit. it goes well with almost everything. If your jeans get worn out you can still wear them. You can also cut it off to make trendy shorts.

Unique Prints

Prints are huge in many ways. The vintage rack is a great source of unique prints. You can go with either classic prints, polka dots or stripes. Mixing and matching are great for big prints. If you like small prints, pair it with plain skinny jeans.

Statement Bags

Ease yourself into the vintage world with an interesting statement bag. Look for standout colors, materials, and shapes. Vintage stores are filled with unique finds from all different decades. Find one that fits your accessories.

Vintage Head Scarf

A good scarf comes in handy from covering your hair to your boobs in case you picked the wrong top that day.

Ways to Secure Your Personal Finance If You’re 40

If you are in your 40s without existing savings to secure your old age days, it’s time to buckle up and build your personal finance. Here are some effective ways to do it:

Reduce your major living expenses

At age 40, you are earning more substantially in your chosen career and perhaps spending a lot more because you know you can afford it. Now that you decide to start building your retirement fund, cutting down some of your expenses will give you extra cash.

The first thing to do is to review your monthly budget. Find out where the bulk of your money goes especially the major expenses. See where you can slash some cash for your savings goal. Scale down your cable package. Bring lunch in your office. Instead of watching a movie every week, make it once a month. Downsize your home into a smaller one. Ask yourself if cutting some of these living costs will affect your life positively or negatively. You know the answer.

Invest in your career through advanced learning

Do not stop where you are right now in your company. Grow your income by acquiring advanced studies that will help you secure a higher position in the near future. Work with more motivation and show your boss that you are capable of doing more than your present tasks.

Enroll in related courses, get a Master’s degree, or attend training and seminars. All of these will boost your confidence and enhance your work skills. Above all, it helps you build your personal finance goal.

Get side jobs

One of the best options to get extra cash is to get a side hustle. If you are a good technical or creative writer, write online. You can do it after your regular work hours or during weekends. The internet offers many side jobs opportunities that can augment your income.

This is the perfect time to start taking care of your personal finance. At your 40s, you are still in prime health. Build your nest for retirement right now before it becomes too late!

Personal Finance Mistakes That Ruining Your Marriage

You can marry a rich or poor man, whoever that your heart desires but knowing how to manage your personal finance properly can save your marriage.

Are you tired from arguing with your spouse every damn day? It has been an old problem in a marriage when the couple experiences a financial crisis. If you still don’t know the roots of your arguments, check these factors. You might miss out what’s really ruining your marriage for years already.

Personal Finance Mistake #1 Adopting Traditional Roles When The Budget Won’t Fit In!

For decades, man is believed to be the financer, provider and investor in a family and the woman are bound to stay at home doing household, taking care of the kids and managing bills on time. In our digital age, men and women have to work to make ends meet, thus stereotyping is not applicable to everyone. If you think that hubby’s monthly salary is not enough to support the needs of the family and you are eager to join a corporate office, do not hesitate, this may be the solution you ever need.

Personal Finance Mistake #2 Couples have different money styles

This is not new to every couple, there will be a spender and a saver in the family. Instead of allowing this reason to create commotion between the two of you, use this personal finance mistake into a money strategy.

For instance, if the hubby is the spender, oblige him to save for short-term goals to be used as emergency and funds to unexpected expenses. While as the wife, you have to be responsible in saving money for long-term goals such as down payment for the house and lot you’ve wanted for so many years, retirement plan, and annual family vacations. Knowing which of the personal finance mistakes is the main reason why you keep arguing
with each other can save your marriage as early as now!